Mission Statement

As the world changes, so do the needs of its people. Without fail, Omnifam is there to provide for those thrown asunder by change.


Omnifam was founded in 1989 by James Kranias as a small, European-based aid organization focused on providing assistance to refugees of the ongoing Balkan War. After the success and international recognition of Omnifam's efforts in Kosovo, its mission expanded to include providing disaster relief, humanitarian aid and medical assistance worldwide to all people in need.

Today, Omnifam is recognized as one of the finest international aid organizations in the world, and has been awarded numerous aid contracts spanning the global community. Prospering under the leadership of Arvin Sloane, Omnifam has seen an increase in its sponsorship monies by the additional support of the WHO. With Sloane's recent departure, Abraham Lessig joins us bringing many years of operational experience.


Omnifam Foundation
Himmel 819
CH 8091 Zürich