What is Omnifam?

Omnifam is a non-profit organization involved in providing humanitarian aid across the world. Relief missions are carried out by volunteers dedicated to the preservation of society, and are funded by generous support from the WHO and corporate sponsors.

What does Omnifam do?

The many members of the Omnifam community are creative individuals striving to create peace in a world of turmoil. Our volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds from social workers, students and mothers, to doctors, lawyers and researchers. Using their knowledge and skills, they dispense needed aid and assistance to people in need across the world.

How can I get involved?

Omnifam welcomes any and all volunteers to assist in its struggle to combat the destruction of peaceful living environments caused by natural and social disasters. To volunteer your time and services to this worthy cause, please register and provide your information so Omnifam may contact you regarding possible relief missions.