Zurich, Switzerland - April 7, 2005

Omnifam announced today that it will begin the roll out of the Worldwide Aid Response Network (WARN) in the next few weeks. WARN will be the first worldwide network to provide for the rapid deployment of targeted resources in response to natural or manmade disasters across the globe. This network is staffed primarily through the existing worldwide network of Omnifam volunteers, similar to the United States Peace Corps. It is funded solely through existing grants and endowments and is designed to provide efficient first response services to any location, no matter how remote.

WARN implements sophisticated resource tracking, communications and mobilization systems capable of deploying personnel and supplies with military precision. In fact, the systems were modeled closely after the Israeli military's Special Operational Forces. Omnifam's mission is ironically benevolent in comparison to the military organizations which helped give birth to WARN.

The system begins trials on May 5, 2005 with activation of a select group of volunteers. WARN leverages the experience of Omnifam's existing volunteer network and provides an unprecedented level of service to disaster areas and other areas of interest. Using WARN, Omnifam anticipates the ability to deploy a meaningful response to almost 75% of the world within a six hour time frame. Within 12 hours, 94% of the world is within reach of Omnifam's life saving efforts.

Omnifam is a volunteer-based non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of human dignity throughout the world. By utilizing the resources of its volunteers and sponsors, Omnifam is able to provide needed international disaster relief and humanitarian aid to people from all walks of life.