Zurich, Switzerland - July 22, 2005

On Monday, July 18, a bomb detonated inside Omnifam Headquarters in Switzerland. No one was injured during the incident. Interpol has been notified and is currently investigating the incident.

Abraham Lessig, Director of Omnifam, called the act "the work of cowards." He went on to declare, "Our organization is no stranger to violence. We're often first responders worldwide when chaos erupts. We'll rise above this act of cowardice to continue our mission."

Investigators were very tight-lipped regarding the investigation. The bomb exploded at an odd hour when few people were in the building leading many people to conjecture about the motives of the bomber. Apparently, the bombing was intended more as a message than to inflict maximum damage.

Quite a few windows were blown out, but the destruction within the office appeared to be fairly localized. Although investigators had removed debris and the bomb components from the scene before the press could arrive, the pattern of marks in the blast radius was clearly unusual. Whatever shrapnel was loaded into the bomb left a large number of symmetrical marks on walls and the ceiling. These marks formed an iconic representation of an pointed globe or possibly an eye.

Omnifam is a volunteer-based non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of human dignity throughout the world. By utilizing the resources of its volunteers and sponsors, Omnifam is able to provide needed international disaster relief and humanitarian aid to people from all walks of life.