Recent Relief Projects

Haitian Flood Relief

Following floods caused by torrential rain storms and hurricanes, Haitians were left homeless, foodless, and in desperate need of aid. Omnifam workers are currently in Haiti, providing needed shelters and food stuffs while helping rebuild the communities most horribly hit by disaster.

Sudanese Refugees

Civil war within Sudan has forced many of its citizens to leave their homes and cities to flee tribal fighting. Provisions for refugee camps and medical services are being provided by Omnifam.


In collaboration with the WHO, Omnifam volunteers are assisting in the distribution of needed AIDS medications to Ghananese sufferers while providing educational assistance in dealing with the AIDS epidemic and preventing the spread of disease.

Phillipine Flooding

Typhoon Nyda struck the Phillipines with high winds and destructive storms, leaving many of its people homeless and without provisions. Along with other relief agencies, Omnifam is involved in providing shelter and food for those stranded following the storms.


Inadequate sewer systems and crowded living conditions have resulted in a large Hepatitis outbreak amongst Iraqis. Helping to control the outbreak as well as providing needed vaccinations, Omnifam is assisting in the treatment and containment of the outbreak. Other Omnifam volunteers are working to upgrade the sewer system in order to prevent future outbreaks of human disease.